The Power Of Meditation


Meditation is an act of being alone, where there is no distraction or noise, reaching your innermost thoughts as you ponder on them, reflecting on your actions and problems and doing self-analysis. However, religiously, it could be an act of quiet conversations between you and your maker. Personally, I do this a lot and it has helped me grow spiritually in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. At some point in my life, I was disturbed, overwhelmed with fear, trembled at every challenge that came my way, worried ceaselessly about things I couldn’t control, deprived myself of peace, and many other things. I was able to find solace in the act of meditation as soon as my eye opened to the power it possesses. I came to understand that, for every problem, there is a solution or even a ton of solutions but we waste our time and energy crying, worrying, and wallowing in fear rather than meditate and find solutions to our problems.

Let me tell a short story, two business men lost all their assets and became poor, the first man started crying, contemplating suicide, and drinking away his time. The second man however, mourned his losses for few days but he quickly moved on, he would spend 2hours every day meditating alone, isolating himself socially and in no time he was able to figure out what went wrong with the business, he learned from his mistakes and recovered in many folds what he had previously lost in no time while the first man dallied in poverty.
The energy and time we waste on mourning and crying should be channeled into solitude, and as we do this, we must make sure our thoughts harmonize with our actions. Purify your thoughts and make sure they align with the undiluted truth. Spend time meditating with your maker and you would find answers to your troubles. Meditation can aid you in reforming those broken pieces, or better still, make an art out of them. Do not stay broken and say it is impossible to pick the pieces. Sometimes, the solutions to our worries are buried deep inside us and we need to go into meditation to find them. If you have meditated genuinely and ceaselessly and you cannot find answers, it is out of your hands, allow nature to take its cause. Do not allow the spirit of fear to overwhelm you, do you not know you serve a living God? God has given us everything we need to prosper. Someone once said we were only born with two different fears, which are; the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises, and every other fear was learned while growing. We can unlearn these fears just as we learned them by mastering the act of meditation.
Meditation could also be a fertilizer for creativity. Meditation is as important to our spirit as sleep is to the body, it renews our spirit and also gives us the strength to meet the difficulties and temptations of life. Just as we go to work every day and come back knackered, hoping to recuperate through sleep or/and food, it is the same way life’s challenges and difficulties zap our spiritual energy. Our spiritual growth or energy is to be aided and renewed by steady meditation with our maker. Meditation could also help us to reveal who we are, we can understand our real nature, weaknesses and strengths. It shows us the undiluted truth and a clearer picture of who we are supposed to be. Who we are, who we want to be and whom we are supposed to be are not in alignment most times and this brings confusion, worry and fear, but meditation can give us a clearer picture or form of each one of them.
You might say, the bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked, but that doesn’t change the truth, there is a proverb that says, where there is iron, there is rust. So where there is wickedness, there is also love and there is truth. Mediation can take you to that innermost part of your thoughts where truth and love lie and from there you would find solutions to your woes, and achieve innermost peace.

Author: Olusegun Tinubu


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