As Seen In My DM

As seen in my DM is a one off post by iamtai, well todays edition is beauty routine centered. Enjoy the flow on this wet Friday morning post by Tai.

Hello guys, it’s a wet Friday morning in Lagos, Nigeria and as usual a cup of coffee ☕️ is serving its purpose.

However,before I proceed I will like to state what a DM means. A DM is a Direct Message sent to you on any social media platform which can be on instagram, Twitter, Facebook and etc.

Back to the gist of the day, this is a one off post and It’s about a question I stumbled on in my DM. The gentle man asked me “what is the secret to your skin glow?”

The only reason I am posting this out or talking about this is because it is a usual compliment and I just feel it’s okay to share what I think might be working for me.

My name is Tai and I am a big fan of everything natural, those who are close know this already.

My beauty routine is quite easy and simple;

  1. Bath twice daily

  2. Scrub with sugar and coconut oil every weekend, excluding the face

  3. I use carrot oil for my skin

  4. Take a fruit daily

  5. Drink Water💧

I hope these tips help and you can feel free to share below your beauty routine in the comment section? Waiting to read from you❤️

Real Estate Is The New Crude Oil.

Did you miss my last article on ‘ Blogging the new crude oil’ then you need to visit this link  Read . Today on TrendFriday I have brought to you the new crude oil for all. Real Estate and Estate Management is the new crude oil and scheme that has made marketing executive resign from their place of work to be their own boss.

I have never seen a prospect who doesn’t demand clarity on the terms, money to be paid, government policies,legal backings, the future appreciation rate of the environment and the neighboring environs. TAKE NOTE SOME OF US BUY NEIGHBOURHOODS. I think one thing I enjoy about this is the flexibility that comes with it and the joy you have knowing that you can bring people’s dream into reality. But yeah, I hear they are sad stories too.

These marketers are called consultants because they enlighten you in making a good buying decision and they also show you variety. The good news is that you can be a consultant to more than 5 – 6 real estate company or property company. So the next time someone says I am a real estate consultant, now you know!

Another interesting thing is the fact that as a realtor you can also make money after selling this lands out from different ways and one of such is through the estate management scheme.

Hence because of the high rate of competition within this industry, real estate companies now top up their games by enticing the consultants with different goodies and activities to keep them loyal. Na for my eye one babe carry KIA PICANTO go  lastweek o.

Please tell me why I shouldn’t work in such a place when I can make my first 1million in 3months by consistently going through the entry level pack which includes a training scheme. Please consultants if you work for a real estate company that doesn’t invest in educating you on how to go about this job, please leave because you will just be adding up the numbers, and as a real estate company I think its best to invest in your marketers  for them to make more sales for you and other companies, truth be told! no 1 consultant works for 1 real estate company.

To Know more about this new crude-oil , you can place a Whatsapp/call 07031375920

Lets share on this, what are your challenges in making a buying decision as an individual, and as a consultant what are the changes you will appreciate from this real estate companies?

P.S : You don’t have to mention the company name, this post is not to advertise any real estate company but to educate Nigerians on what to be aware of while venturing into this crude-oil industry or interacting with a consultant (Marketers).

Lets Recite The National Anthem.

Growing up in a Christian home, during our Family Alter  my mum  never omitted prayers for Nigeria, its Leaders and others  that weren’t members of our family or friends. It wasn’t clear to me why she did it but we took it up as a culture. Years after I can relate with this experience. With our Fingerprints we can create the Future.

With our Fingerprints we can create the Future. Oluwasanya Taiwo

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Knock knock Knock, open the door…. In Lagbaja’s voice.  Una my people before I proceed, permit me to say Long time no see! Chai! All of a sudden I turn visitor for here, there is God oooo!

Peradventure you are wondering whose diary I have here, it is the diary of an august visitor in a city where everyman bears his surname. This post is not in series and wont last throughout the month of August, I do hope you enjoy, interact and share your view as she unfolds her story. The August Visitor. Continue reading

Justice For Chisom Anekwe (Nee Okereke) an Alumna of LEAP Africa. #TuesdayTellwithTAI

Today on #TuesdayTellwithTAI we demand justice for Chisom Anekwe death. I had seen her pictures flying around my contacts, I beckoned to the former Programme Director of LEAP AFRICA who gave me a full load down of how Chisom passed away and where. As an Alumna of  LEAP AFRICA ,I  join the squad to  demand #JusticeForChisom , she didn’t deserve to die  from the hands of an Incompetent Doctor at Magodo Specialist Hospital, Shangisha, Lagos.
Please Google the hospital before you proceed.

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Two Nigerian Sisters Started The Beauty Line ”BOLDEN”.

Nigerian sisters Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obidoa are our personality for Today’s edition of  #TrendThursday. These two have been able to use their childhood experience and challenge of finding the right product for their skin color to birth a Brand which provides beauty options for women of color.

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AfricaCom 2016 – Economic Development And Social Empowerment Through Digital Connectivity

AfricaCom2016- Largest and Focused Tech Event In The World.

AfricaCom is the largest and most influential Africa-focused tech event in the world, the meeting place for those driving Africa’s digital transformation.  With about 10,000+engaged and enthusiastic attendees from across the entire digital ecosystem, 350+Inspirational & visionary speakers and 375+Exhibitors offering innovative solutions to your most pressing challenges.  Continue reading

My Obsession With Speed


 Today, alot of us are obsessed with speed, we want the quick fix, the shortcut, the on-the-spot solution. We want a sermon, a seminar, or an experience that will instantly resolve all problems, remove all temptation, and release us from all growing pains, but God is more interested in our strength and stability than swiftness. Growth is gradual. For our lives gradually becomes brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives. Continue reading